You’ve decided that you want to list an auction with Monarch, listed below is a general outline of the Auction Process..


  1. Contact: Contact Monarch either by contact form, email or phone to set up a Free, Confidential, Onsite Consultation
  2. Site Visit: A Monarch Account Manager will visit your site to review your items and identify your auction needs
  3. Proposal:  Review Auction Proposal, Contract & Action Date
  4. Auction Prep: Item Transport, Organize and Auction Set-up
  5. Catalog: Monarch will photograph every item/lot scheduled for auction & Create a detailed Online Catalog
  6. Advertise:  Monarch will advertise auction to maximize market potential
  7. Auction: Monarch will hold an online auction on the agreed upon dates (typically lasts 5-10 day)
  8. Inspection: Monarch will ensure staff is available for inspection day(s)
  9. Invoice & Payment: Monarch will send out invoices to high bidders & collect payment
  10. Item Removal: Monarch reps will manage the Item Removal Process
  11. Accounting: Monarch will send out final accounting and payment for auction


  1. Low Cost!  Monarch will efficiently manage the auction process.  As an independent Auction Service, we’re able to save our customers money!
  2. Experienced: Experienced Staff, Convenient Location, Wide Array of Services!
  3. Network: Utilize Monarch’s Expansive Network to re-market your assets!
  4. Marketing: Marketing is essential to the success of your Auction, our team of experts will ensure your items are marketed effectively!
  5. Secure & Confidential: Monarch recognizes the importance and necessity of keeping our clients information secure and confidential!
  6. Licensed, Insured & Bonded: Monarch is licensed, Insured & Bonded to conduct Online & Live auctions. Our experienced staff will ensure that every aspect of your consignment is handled with great care.


  1. Commission: Is determined after a walk through of the business, In most cases however, Monarch is able to provide lower than typical market rates as we are not an affiliate auction company.  Instead, we conduct, advertise and host our own auctions and therefore are not forced to pay large fees many other auction companies are forced to. We are able to pass those savings onto our customers
  2. Item Transportation: Items can be dropped off at our Warehouse, arranged to be picked up by one of our handlers or held at your location in the event an auction is desired to be conducted on-site at your location
  3. Marketing: Specific Auction Marketing can be tailored to meet your auction needs




Please provide a brief description detailing the type of assets your business is interested in consigning